EVENT: Reminder, Innis Lecture, April 18

"Join Humanist Canada (HAC) on Saturday April 18 at Innis Town Hall at the University of Toronto campus for a lively and thought-provoking symposium on the evolution of ethics. Five prominent speakers, from both the Christian and Humanist communities, will discuss and debate some of the hottest issues today including: abortion; gender; homosexuality; animal rights; and biotechnology. Our panel of award-winning speakers includes: Christopher diCarlo (critical-thinking activist, professor of Philosophy of Science and Bioethics); Michael Coren (Christian writer, radio and TV host); George Dvorsky (futurist, transhumanist, animal rights activist); Tony Costa (public speaker, Campus for Christ); and Jean Saindon (professor of Natural Science and Technology).

Tickets are $15 for HC members, $25 for non-members, and $10 for students. Delicious appetizers, desserts, and drinks are included. Speaker profiles and registration details are on the Humanist Canada website at: HumanistCanada.com. Please register by April 15.