NEWS: CofHE reports Turkish Journal editor sacked for Darwin article

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports The editor of a scientific journal published by Turkey’s state-run Scientific and Technological Research Council has reportedly been removed from her post for commissioning a March cover story on Charles Darwin to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the naturalist’s birth. The council’s vice president, who is also a member of the magazine’s editorial board, “removed the story from the journal and put an article about climate change on the cover instead,” the Turkish daily newspaper Hürriyet reported.

Dozens of university students and professors protested the council’s action outside its Ankara headquarters today, the Associated Press reported. The country’s secularists suspect the governing party, which has its roots in political Islam, is seeking to raise the role of religion and promote the Muslim version of creationism.

Turkey occupies a “central position in the creationist movement” outside the United States, Hürriyet noted in an earlier article.

Turkey’s main, secular opposition party has filed a parliamentary motion over the apparent censorship, but Hürriyet reported that the research council’s president had “left the media’s questions largely unanswered.” —Aisha Labi