HAT FORUM: Sat. May 22, 11am -1pm OISE Room 11-204

Saturday, May 22, 11am -1pm OISE 252 Bloor Street W, Room 11-204
Topic: 'The meaning of dreaming'
Facilitator: Isabel Foot

The meaning of dreaming (real physical sleep state) and how it fits into out lives.

Information supplied for this forum:

Dreams and our awareness of dreams seem to have evolved with us. Mammals dream, at least they have a characteristic Rapid Eye Movement. Children dream.

A lot of discussion seems to lie around if dreams and/or our awareness of them gives the individual an evolutionary advantage to survive in the world- a coping mechanism for the conscious mind, for example Joe Griffin and the expectation fulfillment theory.

Dreaming is Nature’s solution to the problems emotions cause animals and humans. (An emotion is another word for an expectation.) Stress, for example, is caused by an accumulation of arousal patterns in the autonomic nervous system that are not being de-aroused by taking the necessary actions that would do so.

The prime function of dreams is to metaphorically act out undischarged emotional arousals (expectations) that were not acted out during the previous day. By dreaming we complete the arousal/de-arousal circuit so as to wake up with an unstressed autonomic nervous system and our instincts intact, see

Or are dreams "doors" to the unconscious part of the mind. Perhaps they are not identified with our body, career, personality, but to a wider being-ness. Of course, this can still be an evolved facility.

e.g. In the view of the Qur'an, sleep is outwardly the suspension of the natural forces in man, but it is at the same time a return of man's spirit to his inner being. Sleep is the lesser death, and death is the greater sleep. In both cases, the spirit is transferred to a different world." ­ Sayyid Musawi Lari, Resurrection, Judgment, and Hereafter

Of particular interest to me (Facilitator) are dreams that repeatedly take us to the same location. Also, the interesting fact that in my dreams, telephones don't work. I have heard of people who have dreams in which keys don't work. What is your experience manipulating mechanical objects in dreams?

Do you have a special interest about dreams you'd like feedback on? Now's the time to ask.