HAT petition re Sex Education in Ontario

[You may download a printable version of this petition HERE]

Petition to the Government of Ontario

We the undersigned support the proposed 2010 revisions to sex education in Ontario. As the government is rethinking the curriculum, we strongly encourage that the final version retain the following admirable features of the original proposal:

Proactive: By discussing issues of sexuality with children before they experience the difficult and confusing changes of adolescence, the proposed curriculum will help them to cope with those challenges when they do reach puberty.

The curriculum integrates the medical implications of sex with the emotional aspects of a relationship, encouraging adolescents to consider all factors in deciding how intimate to get with a partner.
The proposed curriculum does not tell students what decisions to make about their own sexuality. Instead, by informing students of the many reasons to delay sexual activity, including risks of pregnancy and disease as well as issues of person comfort, it helps them to make their own decisions responsibly.
The proposed curriculum acknowledges different forms of sexuality, most notably sexual orientation. As early as Grade 3, even before they consider the mechanics of sex, children can understand the special relationship of a loving couple, and can appreciate that such couples may include two men, two women, or one of each. Later, when they become aware of their own sexual orientation, this should help gay as well as straight children to understand their developing urges.

Please send completed forms to: Humanist Association of Toronto, c/o Moses Klein, 123 Howland Ave., Toronto, ON, M5R 3B4