Canada's Dirty Little Secret - One School System Rally Sept 13

Canada's Dirty Little Secret
Here's another article on the Education Summit, and the One School System campaign.
"We’re 50 years behind Quebec, but better late than never. Do you have plans for Monday, September 13th, noon? Drop them!
This is our golden opportunity to tell Premier McGuinty and his international guests that things are not going well in Ontario’s education system. No. It reeks of religious segregation and homophobia.
Mr. McGuinty seems proud to be hosting an International Education Summit (at the Royal York hotel, 100 Front Street, Toronto), September 13-14, where he plans to show off how well we do education in Ontario. How dare he! Well, we plan to put a fly in the ointment of McGuinty’s smoke and mirrors (if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphors) and make sure his visitors get a clear picture of our harsh and unsavory truth.
Oh, to be a fly on the wall when McGuinty explains – while mopping sweat off his brow–to President Obama’s Secretary of Education why he thinks it’s such a good idea to funnel a billion dollars each year into building a wall between Catholic and non-Catholic school-children in Ontario!
See you at noon on September 13!