HAT Forum Sat Aug 28 11am OISE

Saturday Aug 28, 11am - 1pm. OISE Room 11-200
Topic: Is Canada An 'easy mark' for refugee claimants?
Facilitator: Ann Benedek

Topic provided for discussion:
Ottawa’s former High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Martin Collacott has said Canada is seen as 'the easiest mark in the world' for prospective refugees.

Recent controversy has centered around the arrival of 490 Tamil migrants whose ship landed on Canadian shores; it had previously intended to go to Australia before being deterred. According to the United Nations refugee agency, all 490 on the ship are seeking asylum. Concern has also been registered that Canada is an easy target for human smugglers. And, in the case of Tamils seeking asylum, there is concern that some may be linked to "terrorist groups": (in June 2,000 the National Post reported Toronto police as saying 'up to 8,000 Tamils living in Toronto are linked to Tamil terror groups 'including the Tamil Tigers')


Is Canada too welcoming to Tamils seeking asylum?

Are Canadian Immigration policies too complex, too time consuming and too lenient, enabling those who are not legitimate refugees to remain in Canada?

Is Canada obliged to accept anybody and everybody who lands on its shores requesting asylum?