One School System rally, Sept 13, Toronto 11:30-2:30 Royal York

From Simon Parcher, President of HAC:

September 13 · 11:30am - 2:30pm
Location Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto
100 Front Street W, Toronto

Member organizations of One School System will protest the discrepant funding of Ontario Catholic Schools via a Separate School Board in defiance of two UN disciplinary rulings against the Government on Ontario.

The event will take place on the first day of a two day international summit on education held by the Ministry of Education

Come join your fellow humanists and atheists along with other individuals and groups who oppose the public funding of religious schools in Ontario!

This September 13-14 in Toronto, the Ontario government will host a two-day summit that will bring together experts and education policy makers from across the globe. The Building Blocks for Education: Whole System Reform international summit will feature speakers and participants from six countries who will share ideas and look at new ways to help solve the challenges facing students from Ontario and around the world. What an opportunity to show the world what Ontario is doing and to expose the Ontario government's dirty little secret!

The rally was conceived by Ottawa Humanist Richard Young and soon supported by Richard Thain, Renton Patterson, Malcolm Buchanan, Leonard Baak and I. Richard Young and Richard Thain funded the printing of 1000 extra copies of Humanist Perspectives Magazine. The lead article, written by Richard Young is entitled, "Canada's Dirty Little Secret - Getting Schooled in Ontario!" See a copy in your local Chapters, if you are not a subscriber. The magazine is being mailed to MPs and other influential people before the rally and will be distributed to delegates at the summit. Some partners in the rally so far are members of CHP, HC, and several groups in the One School System Network, formed by CFI, e.g. Renton Patterson of CRIPE.

This is your opportunity to make a difference and stand up for what you believe in! Sheila Ayala of HAO, HC and Secular Ontario has agreed to be the event organizer. The exact place in downtown Toronto and the time of the rally will be announced shortly. Please advise Sheila if you can attend on September 13. We are hoping to have at least 500 protesters to turn out. Sheila's email address is