One School System Rally update, Monday Sept 13, 12-2pm

Thank you for posting info about the rally on your webpage.  We appreciate it.  Please note the following update so the changes can be made: Please let us know if you are coming at:

Date:   Monday, September 13
Place:  Royal York Hotel 100 Front Street  Toronto
Time:  12 noon - 2:00 pm

On September 13-14, the Ontario government will host an international two-day summit on education: The Building Blocks for Education: Whole System Reform.  There will be speakers from six countries:

There will be a demonstration on September 13th in Toronto, at the Royal York where the conference is being held, to tell about the world about the disastrous educational policy we have in the province of Ontario.  We wan tto push for one school system for all.

It's been eleven years since the UN made a ruling that Ontario's education policy of having separate school systems is discriminatory.

We know that John Tory's platform of providing funds for other religions to have schools failed.  In the last election voters served notice that the public would not support that platform.  Therefore we can be confident that this option will not be taken.

Consider this:  With only one school system we would free up $250.00 PER CHILD or about $7,500 PER CLASSROOM per year! The Ontario Provincial Government is not going to take action unless the electorate makes one school system an issue. In other words a grassroots has to galvanize itself to make a lot of noise.

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