HAT Forum Saturday, Sept. 25, 11am-1 pm OISE Single Sperm Donors

Topic: Single Sperm Donor Parenthood
Date: Sat. Sept. 25, 11 am-1pm
Location: OISE, 252 Bloor Street W. Room 4-418
Moderator: Dr. Marilyn Miller

Since the 1970s Feminist movement opened doors to better, higher paying jobs for women and the means to support a family, a growing number of single women are choosing to raise children without a father, using sperm donor insemination. During the past four decades, sperm banks have proliferated in part as an outgrowth of the feminist movement. The trend is now finding its way as a theme in current movies, The Kids are All Right, The Switch, and The Back-up Plan.

A strong issue in the U.S. and Canada is the right of the sperm donor to remain anonymous vs. the right of the donor conceived child to know their donor parent’s identity. Medical News Today reports that it became compulsory last June in the Netherlands for all sperm donors to be identified. In the UK since April this year all children conceived via donors will be entitled to have identifying information when they are 18.

Should the records of fertility clinics be opened so that donor offspring can find out who is their biological father? That is the goal of a class action lawsuit launched Oct. 24, 2008 in the province of British Columbia

How can the rights/needs of the parents be balanced with the rights/needs of donor conceived children?

Is single parenthood a good model for optimal human development in view of psychological and child development research that identifies the different contributions mothers and fathers impart in their parenting as teachers and role models?