C-49 - Anti-smuggling or anti-refugee?

C-49 - Anti-smuggling or anti-refugee? | Canadian Council for Refugees
On 21 October 2010, the government introduced Bill C-49 - Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act. Despite the title, most of the provisions in the bill punish refugees, not smugglers. The people who will suffer if this bill is passed are people fleeing persecution, including children.

The CCR is gravely concerned that many of the measures in Bill C-49 fail to honour our obligations towards refugees. Passing the bill will result in refugees being treated unfairly in Canada.

As of 1 December, all opposition parties (Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc québécois) have stated publicly that they cannot support Bill C-49 and that the government should address the problem of smuggling in ways that do not punish refugees.

This is great news, but the bill is not yet defeated. Join the CCR and other allies in raising public awareness of the impacts that Bill C-49 could have on refugees in Canada. INTERPARES ACTION