HAT Book Discussion Group, Sun. Feb 6, John Ralston Saul's "A Fair Country"

HAT book discussion group
DATE: Sunday, February 6th, at OISE from 11:00 am to 12:30.
BOOK: First 2 parts of A fair country : telling truths about Canada by John Ralston Saul, 2008.
May be available at Chapters around $15.00pb.

In this startlingly original vision of Canada, thinker John Ralston Saul unveils 3 founding myths. Saul argues that the famous "peace, order, and good government" that supposedly defines Canada is a distortion of the country's true nature. Every single document before the BNA Act, he points out, used the phrase "peace, welfare, and good government," demonstrating that the well-being of its citizenry was paramount. He also argues that Canada is a Metis nation, heavily influenced and shaped by aboriginal ideas: egalitarianism, a proper balance between individual and group, and a penchant for negotiation over violence are all aboriginal values that Canada absorbed. Another obstacle to progress, Saul argues, is that Canada has an increasingly ineffective elite, a colonial non-intellectual business elite that doesn't believe in Canada. It is critical that we recognize these aspects of the country in order to rethink its future.

NOTE: John Ralston Saul is presenting a free lecture Friday, January 21
see earlier postSAUL LECTURE