HAT FORUM: Sat. March 26. 11am OISE: "Multiculturalism"

HAT FORUM - all are welcome
DATE:  Sat. March 26, 11am - 1pm
LOCATION:  OISE, 252 Bloor Street W, Room 2-198

Multiculturalism in the 21st century

The individual's freedom would be hampered if he were locked for life within a particular cultural compartment by the accident of birth or language. … A policy of multiculturalism within a bilingual framework commends itself to the government as the most suitable means of assuring the cultural freedom of Canadians. Such a policy should help break down discriminatory attitudes and cultural jealousies.  National unity if it is to mean anything in the deeply personal sense, must be founded on confidence in one's own individual identity; out of this can grow respect for that of others and a willingness to share ideas, attitudes and assumptions.  A vigorous policy of multiculturalism will help create this initial confidence.  It can form the base of a society which is based on fair play for all.
 Pierre Trudeau - October 8, 1971

In the forty years since Pierre Trudeau wrote these words, multiculturalism in many ways has come to define Canada.  Canada in the 21st century strives to be a diverse land which welcomes those of any culture.  However, multiculturalism is not without its flaws and its critics, and many other countries which attempted to adopt multiculturalism have since declared it to be a failure.

Has the great multicultural experiment created the kind of society envisioned by Trudeau and others in the 70’s?  How has multiculturalism changed what it means to be a Canadian?