HAT FORUM Sat. April 30, 11am-1pm, OISE "Universal Health Care"

HAT FORUM  Sat April 30, 11am- 1pm
LOCATION:  OISE, 252 Bloor Street West, room 11-204
FACILITATOR:  Cecilia Rayo
TOPIC:  Universal Health Care in Canada
·        Sustainable?
    • With health care costs soaring, the discussions around sustainability of Canada’s health care system are intensifying.  Your position?
·        Wait times – what should be done?
·        Many drugs & procedures are not allowed to save cost. Is this appropriate?
·        Ethics:
    • In Canada we will place a terminally ill person on life support at huge cost per day, while other people in the world cannot get even acetaminophen, never mind proper health care. “A bad idea until it happens to someone I love?” Are we putting a dollar value, ultimately, on human life and its quality?
·        Hybrid Systems – universal + a portion of private too. Pros & cons?
·        If we wish more/better health care, what other government programs are we willing to sacrifice?
    • Ontario health care spending is currently about 40% of total provincial expenditures, and growing.