Fair Vote Canada National Day of Action for Electoral Reform : Toronto Time now 3pm

Fair Vote Canada to participate in National Day of Action for Electoral Reform | Fair Vote Canada

The Canadian federal election of May 2 returned a majority Conservative government with 167 seats, but the Conservative party received only 39.62% of the votes, one of the least legitimate majority governments in Canadian history.

This blatantly distorted election outcome has generated a spontaneous reaction in the electorate. Saturday, May 14 has been designated a national Day of Action for Electoral Reform, and protest rallies are being planned across the country.

All demonstrations to be held at 2:00 pm local time except Toronto at 3:00 pm. @ Queens Park
Toronto info:
Wayne Smith, Executive Director

[NOTE: the Toronto Rally time has been changed, so it is possible to attend the Toronto Fair Vote Rally after the Monthly Meeting Presentation at OISE on May 14]