HAT Forum, Sat. May 14, 11am, OISE : "Terrorism"

HAT FORUM:  Sat. May 14, 11am-1pm.
LOCATION:  OISE, 252 Bloor St West. Room 11-204
TOPIC:  What are the root causes of terrorism and what can be done to defeat it?
FACILITATOR:  Caitriona Hughes

There is a lot of contention regarding the definition of terrorism. Is one's viewpoint on the actions of various terrorist groups simply a case of moral relativity?
  • How has the media contributed to our understanding of terrorism? Do you think that it is fairly portrayed and investigated within the media?
  • Should terrorism be judged in terms of it's consequences or is terrorism's moral status determined solely by what it is in itself?
  • Discuss some of the motivating factors for terrorism for example oppression, lack of human rights, the need for social change and varying political or religious ideologies.
  • In instances of oppression and marginalization; what alternative methods are at the people's disposal when affecting social change? 
  • Do the political ideologies of terrorism act in the interests of the people they are claiming to liberate? 
  • Is terrorism ever justified? Consider for example Northern Ireland, Cuba or Palestine.
  • Is there a difference between targeting civilians or non-combatants at random and targeting specifically members of the armed forces or political leaders?
  • Consider the consequences of not using terrorism in recent history.