HAT FORUM, Sat. May 21 (Woodsworth College)

HAT Forum
Saturday, May 21, 11am,
Topic: Amnesty and impunity
Facilitator: Moses Klein
Location: Woodsworth College Residence.
(WCR) is the new building at the south east corner of Bloor and St. George.
From Bloor walk down St. George to the southern most entrance of the building; it faces St. George and its glass doors announce 'ROTMAN COMMERCE'. Ignore that. You are looking for a classroom at the basement level, so enter and take the wide yellow staircase down. At the bottom, just look around. The closest room on your right is marked WO 20. That’s ours. - Thanks Bill!

Should deposed dictators be prosecuted for abuses committed while in power? Do such prosecutions deter the crimes of the powerful, or encourage more desperate abuses by those afraid to lose power? Under what circumstances, if any, is amnesty advisable?"