HAT FORUM, Sat. July 30, 11am - 1PM OISE

HAT FORUM:  Sat. July 30, 11am - 1pm, OISE, 252 Bloor Street W
TOPIC: Question: In the changing and overlapping relationships between atheisms, humanisms and secularisms, where do we (as individuals and as a HAT group) wish to position ourselves?

1) Some definition are useful: atheism, humanism, secularism and life-stance (bring your definitions if you can and see some definitions on the HAT website)
2) Does atheism lead to a humanist life stance?
3) Does secularism lead to a humanist life-stance?
4) Can we actualize our commitment to free thought and understanding and welcome any who choose to adopt a humanist life-stance?
(These persons may be atheist but they also might be agnostic, free-thinking, feminist, pan-theist or even secular religious.)