ROM: Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World

Royal Ontario Museum | Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World
New exhibit coming to the ROM which also promises to:
"...reveal the truth behind the 2012 'end of days' legend"  

Maya: Secrets of their Ancient World transports visitors to this advanced Mesoamerican culture, including its social organization, ritual activities and ceremonies, predictions around the end of the world and the mysterious collapse of the Classic Maya culture in the 9th century.
Visitors will also learn about the complex calendar, elaborate writing system, and sophisticated architecture and urban centres developed by the Maya. Imagine daily life at a royal court and explore the rulers' connections to their environment, the divine, the cosmos and the passage of time, and the Maya people.
The exhibition features nearly 250 artifacts, including sculptures, ceramics, masks and other precious works, many of which were associated with Maya temples and palaces. Mainly dating to the Maya Classic Period (250 to 900 AD), many of the objects have never before been seen in Canada and are recognized as among the most important archaeological finds ever discovered.
To complement its historically significant artifacts, the exhibition will feature audio-visual components and touchable models for the whole family. Exciting and informative Maya-inspired programs will further engage and inform visitors.