Alert to HAT members: HAT library moving out of CFI on Berkeley

CFI is moving from it's bigger space on St George to a small unit at 2 College. The move is soon, in October. As CFI no longer have space to store their books, our HAT library of 550 books, or our piano, we must find a location for the books and piano quickly. We have a list of the books, some of which are Humanist titles, but many are (by now) outdated science and history textbooks and other items which are no longer of commercial or academic interest. We have contacted the Toronto Public Library and the University of Toronto Library, but have not received any interest. The Steering Committee therefore asks: . 1) If anyone can donate a large dry, accessible space to house 550 books, please let our library, Maria Kochan, know immediately. 2) If you donated a book to the HAT library, and wish to retrieve it, you may do so by contacting Maria Kochan, the librarian, before Oct 1, at: Kochan, Maria - 3) If you would like to arrange to look at the books, and either buy one at a low fee or discuss an arrangement, please contact Maria before Oct 1. 4) After Oct 1, we will (probably) add our books to the CFI sale, and receive a portion of the proceeds. Maria has contacted several schools to ask if anyone can use the piano (apartment size), which needs extensive repair and work. We have not yet heard positively from anyone, but may still do so. If you can move/house/fix the piano, please let Maria know. Thank-you! HAT steering committee.