HAT FORUM, Sat. Oct 1, 11:30am, OISE Room 2-227

HAT Forum, Sat. Oct 1, 11:30am - 1pm LOCATION: OISE, 252 Bloor Street West, ROOM 2-227 FACILITATOR: Gary Higgins TOPIC: Palestine as a sovereign state The UN & the EU are stressing the immediate resumption of peace talks, and within the coming year this should be concluded. How likely is this to be done? Abbas stresses the need to stop, and dismantle Jewish settlements on the West Bank Netanyahu says it has nothing to do with continued settlement, Israel's real need is for a guaranteed peace How likely is this? It's been suggested the exercise of making this proposal for statehood, [even though likely to be voted down by the US ] would be a beneficial exercise for the Palestinians Possible questions: 1. What to do about hamas militants continuing to launch rockets on Israeli settlements? would Israel retaliatie vs Palestine, as a sovereign nation? What would be the response by other Arab countries and alliances in the region? 2. Could Palestine police itself ? Thus far it has failed to reign in the more militant parts of Hamas 3. How would palestine statehood affect Israeli settlements on the west bank 4. What are the chances of Israel going back to the proposed '67 peace accords as suggested, as demanded by Abbas