HAT Monthly Meeting, Sat. Sept 17, An Atheist’s travels into Missionary Ghana

TOPIC:  An Atheist’s travels into Missionary Ghana
DATE: September 17, 1:30 pm, OISE, 252 Bloor Street West

Mehdi Zabet is a student studying philosophy at U of T, president of the University of Toronto Secular Student Alliance. He spent the summer teaching in a small village in remote Ghana, Africa. This is normally the domain of Christian missionaries. This lecture will discuss his experience doing this, some of the conclusions he came to, and just as important, some of his unanswered questions.
For example, we as secular humanists like to think we are critical thinkers, and have no need for religion. Yet, in a very impoverished and uneducated place like Ghana, religion is part and parcel of their reality. It is the most fundamental thing that unites their family and tribal culture. We may feel it’s sad, because we know it’s a bunch of gibberish. However, Ghanians, esp. in rural areas, don’t just go to church on Sunday, they LIVE this. Their entire existence revolves around religion.
Religion is not the singular problem. It is part of a complicated set of world issues and solutions: Mehdi believes that to get to a solution that will make the earth self sustaining, we need a comprehensive look at religion which we don’t have yet. You are invited to this interesting presentation, and a discussion to follow.

Free admission, all welcome. Any questions, contact RobinRussell@rogers.com.