Dying With Dignity Canada - Fall Newsletter



Hospital Gets Education in Patient Care
A DWD client has his rights violated by the staff at a hospital in rural Ontario (see page 1).

Choice in Dying Around the World
A brief look at developments in Korea, France and Australia among others - what has been happening in the Right to Die Movement around the world over the past year (see page 3).

Highlights of our Membership Survey

Hundreds of members participated in our membership survey. If we did have choice in dying, what would it look like? What are our most critical activities? See pages 4 and 5.

A Geographical Look at our Members
Ontario is our largest base, with BC a somewhat distant second. But we have certain cities and towns that are hotbeds of activity including Guelph, Yellowknife, Comox/Courtenay and the tiny village of Lions Bay. See the back cover for more details.
Fall Events

We have a busy fall with many events scheduled for BC and Ontario. See page 9 for details. Want an event in your area? Call our head office to get involved in organizing one!