November 20th, Sunday from 11:00 am to 12:30 at OISE in Room 10-200

The book for November is:
"In Praise of Folly" (1509) by Desiderius Erasmus (One of the first writers to be considered a Humanist)

Erasmus' characterization of Folly is cleverly constructed. She praises herself endlessly, arguing that life would be dull and distasteful without her. She venerates her comrades, Self Love, Flattery, Oblivion, and Pleasure. Above all, Folly lauds self-deception and foolishness, finding Biblical support in favor of her beliefs. In conclusion, Folly speaks directly of Christianity, regarding its religious authority and practices.

There are a couple of copies in the Library,
(and is often included in collections of his works as it is relatively short-about 75 pages)
and at this time a Penguin classic copy at Chapters Indigo at (Bay Bloor) and WBB
and it is available free online at Christian Classics Ethereal Library