will meet on Sunday October 23rd from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm at OISE

The book we have chosen for October is:
Globish : How the English Language became the World's Language
by McCrum,Robert. 3 holds / 25 copies (in public Library)

Summary from the Library :
McCrum, a British journalist, discusses the undeniable infiltration of English into daily usage worldwide. He notes that a form of English continues to be used in former British colonies and that the common language of business and computers is now "Globish", although this term is never clearly defined. The majority of the book consists of a history of English as it developed in Britain and was changed in America. America then became the disseminator of culture and concomitant neologisms. McCrum looks at the love/hate relationship of the rest of the world to this phenomenon. He touches upon the mutation of English as it becomes embedded in other languages but leaves the reader to investigate the ramifications of "Globish" in our globalized world. " "