HAT forum, Sat Dec 3, OISE, 11am

HAT Forum Discussion.
Sat Dec 3, 2011. 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at O.I.S.E. 252 Bloor Street W, room  2-296
Facilitator Cornelis van de Graaff.
Topic:  Strike, Lockout and Grievances
Is the Union, or Employee Association’s purpose to mediate differences between staff and the Owner/Management?

What are the similarities and differences interests of employees and employer?
Is a Balance of Power a requirement for a successful relationship?
What is the danger of  “ always beating last year’s figures” ?
Who of the two parties takes the responsibility of a changing economic climate?
Who bears the responsibility for the mutual success in the organization?
How to share of not only profits but also losses?
How much if any, input should a Union have in the running of the organization?
How do you deal with a situation where one or both parties are non responsive to the others point of view?
What is the responsibility of an Outside Mediator?
Can an “essential service” have the right to strike? + What is “essential”?

Trivia question: Which country first added the Right to Strike to their constitution? And when?
Answer: show up on Saturday and I will tell you.