Humanist Forum : Saturday Nov 26, 2011
The occupation of St. James Park 

and the 1%?


1. "Should the occupiers be allowed to occupy a municipal park, indefinitely?"

2. What is the job of the media and the demonstrators? How best can they express their important message?

3. Concerning the growing economic disparity in our world: Is it right and should it continue to grow as it has been over the past few years?

4. How could we go about rectifying this situation? Would it be beneficial to rectify this situation?

5.What about statements regarding percentage wealth ? Very many differing figures but all point to huge income gap!

"The income of the richest 1 % of people equals that of the poorest 57 %. The three richest people own more than the poorest 10 % of people combined. Women do two-thirds of global work, earn less than 10 % of wages and own less than 1% of wealth."

(Milanovic and Robbins )from Deep Green Resistance…