HAT FORUM Sat April 7, OISE, 252 Bloor St West

HAT FORUM:  SAT APRIL 7, 11am - 1pm.
LOCATION: OISE, 252 Bloor Street W, Room 4-414   
TOPIC:  Do we trust  "market forces" to regulate sex work?

Decision of Ontario Court of Appeals:
In short, prostitution has been removed from the definition of "bawdy house," decriminalizing indoor prostitution. The "living on the avails" law has been clarified to criminalize only exploitative relationships. But the law against "communicating in public for the purpose of prostitution," or street solicitation, has been reinstated, maintaining the criminalization of some of the sex industry's most targeted workers.

How do we feel about this?
Do we trust the "market forces" to regulate sex work?
Why is it that the most vulnerable sex workers (poor, trans, gender-nonconforming and First Nations women) end up once again with little or no protection?
What is the difference between selling one's body to a John for $80 an hour and selling one's body to Macdonalds for $8 an hour?  Why $72 of course.    Come and discuss.

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