HAT FORUM Sat June 16, OISE 11am - Student Protest in Montreal

HAT FORUM: Sat June 16, 2012
LOCATION:OISE, 252 Bloor Street West,
TIME: 11am - 1pm
TOPIC: Student protest in Montreal
FACILITATOR:  Cornelia Laven

 *  Is post-secondary education a right or privilege?
*  Post secondary education is cheaper in Quebec  than in other provinces – why should the cost of tuition be raised or not raised?
* Are the proposed tuition hikes politically or economically motivated?
Bodies-Streets  is an article written by: Jonathan Sterne, McGill University,
Art History & Communication Studies; History & Philosophy of Science

“Bill 78 lays out strict regulations governing demonstrations of more than 50 people, including  having to give eight hours' notice for details such as the protest route, the duration and the time at which they are being held.” J.S.

Mr. Sterne argues that Law 78 criminalized bodies out of place because they interfere with the normal urban flows of people and money.  What do you think?

* The passing of Bill 78 appears to have enlarged the protest...Why might this be so.

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