Vatileaks Scandal Exposes Pope's Frail Leadership

Vatileaks Scandal Exposes Pope's Frail Leadership - SPIEGEL ONLINE
fascinating reading, of a sort -- and not the first time a spy has been incarcerated in modern times..

In fact, Gabriele is not the first spy to be exposed there. In what is now an almost forgotten case, there was another raven who ironically worked for another pope who had chosen the pontifical name Benedict. Rudolf von Gerlach, the papal chamberlain, tried to thwart the policies of Benedict XV, who was intent on safeguarding the Church's neutrality during World War I.

Von Gerlach, who enjoyed considerably more influence than Gabriele, a simple butler, fostered excellent ties with Germany and its allies. While he was accused of treason, Benedict XV was caught in the crossfire and viewed himself as a victim of an anti-clerical conspiracy. And what happened to von Gerlach, the raven? Though sentenced to lifelong imprisonment, he was eventually released. He then lived in Switzerland, where he abandoned the priesthood, lived an extravagant life and nurtured extremely close ties with the pope in Rome for the rest of his life.
In other words, being briefly detained in the Vatican's dungeon doesn't necessarily mean the end of one's career.
Translated from the German by Josh Ward