Watch Wanda Morris on Dying with Dignity » ideacity

NEW! Watch Wanda Morris on Death with Dignity » ideacity
Here is a video recommended by a Humanist officiant, of Dying With Dignity's Wanda Morris at IdeaCity (sort of a "ted for toronto" events).
 Last month,  Executive Director, Wanda Morris was invited to present a talk on legalizing Medically-Assisted Dying at Moses Znaimer’s IdeaCity conference in Toronto. Her presentation was outstanding. She held her own against world experts in a wide range of fields and became quite the celebrity. Dozens of people – many of them young - sought her out at every break to express their support and admiration and to thank her for raising their awareness.

After Wanda's talk, Moses did a poll to see how many conference attendees supported the idea of choice in dying: 82% said they did. It made me immensely proud to watch our wondrous Wanda in action.  IdeaCity has now posted the video online and you can watch Wanda's IdeaCity presentation too.

Once you’ve watched it, please pass the link on to friends and associates.  This is an exciting time for our movement in Canada.  Awareness is rising and change may well be imminent.