Global TV Taping tonight: CFI: Is religion bad for the environment?

[Please note:  this message is from the Centre for Inquiry, which is a separate organization, and not part of HAT.  However, a HAT Steering Committee member has asked us to inform our members of this event in case you are interested in attending, and presenting a Humanist view in the audience]
GLOBAL TV EVENT:  IS RELIGION BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT?This monday, September 24, we ask: 'IS RELIGION BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT?' Bestselling author Andrew Nikiforuk has made a strong case that many religious people in Canada have little regard for the planet. U of Toronto's star anthropologist Stephen Scharper, author of 'Religion and Ecology' weighs in along with the Centre for Inquiry's Justin Trottier.

Join the studio audience this monday night to add your voice. Filmed at CBC Broadcast Centre in downtown Toronto and air on Global TV. Check-in at 5:30 PM, taping at 6.
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Context with Lorna Dueck investigates where current affairs and spirituality converge.
1. Is religion to blame (at least in part) for the environmental crisis? (see for example Dr. Lynn White's thesis in "The Historical Roots of the Ecological Crisis"
2. How has Christianity been complicit in environmental degradation instead of an antidote to it? Why is this so?
3.  New broad-ranging religious activism across religious lines in the name of "creation care" suggests that religion and science may not be as incompatible as is often assumed.  Are we blaming the (religious) messenger when the message may be more nuanced than often assumed?
4. Has religion on balance been more of a curse than a blessing to the planet?
5. What is the humanist/skeptic's positive case for a green ethic?