HAT FORUM, Sat Sept 8, 11am OISE

DATE:   Sat. Sept 8, 11am-1pm
LOCATION:   OISE, 252 Bloor Street W,
FACILITATOR:   Isabel Foot
TOPIC: Prime Minister Pauline Marois?

Asymmetrical Federalism- we already have it. Jean Charest compared it to the status of France in Europe.

"Charest told Express magazine, a weekly newsmagazine in France during his visit to Paris in July, that asymmetrical federalism in Canada gives Quebec a unique political status in the country apart from the other provinces and that his government is able to express itself ’’without inhibition’’ on the world stage.

’’There is no doubt that we are a people and a nation. And I see no contradiction in the fact that we, Quebecers, are also Canadian, like the French are French, but also European,’’ said Charest, pointing out that Quebec federalists are just as aggressive as separatists when it comes to defending Quebec’s identity."

1. What does asymmetrical federalism look like? multinational vs. multicultural view of Canada.
2. Many Quebeckers want radical changes to Quebec society

The Solidarite party seems like the Occupy movement, what kind of  accommodation, or not, will they seek?