HAT FORUM: Sat Oct 6, 11 am - 1pm "Drones"

HAT FORUM:  Date, Sat. Oct. 6, 11am - 1pm
LOCATION:  OISE, 242 Bloor Street West, 2-199
Topic: Living Under Drones

The US is flying drones over Pakistan to murder "terrorists".
What do you think of this strategy?

 From Chris Floyd in blog "Empire Burlesque". The report he refers to is  http://livingunderdrones.org

The "best available information", they say, is that between 2,562 and 3,325 people have been killed in Pakistan between June 2004 and mid-September this year – of whom between 474 and 881 were civilians, including 176 children. The figures have been assembled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which estimated that a further 1,300 individuals were injured in drone strikes over that period. ...

"US drones hover 24 hours a day over communities in north-west Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles, and public spaces without warning," the American law schools report says. "Their presence terrorises men, women, and children, giving rise to anxiety and psychological trauma among civilian communities.
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