Contribute to a Rationalist Orphanage in India - software, games, and donations requested

Swami Manavatavadi gave a presentation to the HAT Monthly Meeting in November, about his work with children in India.  Swami is a rationalist who runs a religion-free school for disadvantaged children.  He has visited Toronto and Ottawa before, and met many members of HAT. You can read about him on the IHEU website, below.  To aid in his work, here is an appeal for software and other donations for his school.  As Swami's resources are very limited, he is also looking for a suitcase to carry the software home.  Those who wish to donate may find information below.
[By this notice, HAT is not endorsing your donation, but simply providing  information, and you are encouraged to contact Swami Manatavadi at the phone/email below, for more information.  He can also refer you to other Humanist members in Canada who know him.]

Humanist orphanage in India seeks donations of laptop computers, USB (stick) drives, digital cameras, digital games for children and/or cash donations
Swami Manavatavadi, the founder of Kids' Kingdom Un-Orphanage in Kurukshetra, India, is presently visiting the Greater Toronto area. It would be a great idea to donate your no longer needed laptop computers, USB (stick) drives, digital cameras and digital games for children to him which he can take home with him. The children at the orphanage would benefit greatly from becoming computer literate which would further their opportunities later in life. Swamiji is leaving on December 12, so time limited.  To get some information about the work of Swamiji go to: and

You can drop off any no longer needed digital games for children, USB (stick) drives, laptop computer and/or digital camera (with a digital memory card and charger for the battery) in good working order together with all the electrical cords, battery chargers, etc. that go with them and a carrying bag, if you have one for it, at the address where Swamiji is staying in Toronto. E-mail: or Call land tel. #: 416-798-2082  or  cell: 416-897-8372 to arrange day and time of drop off.
A light but strong suitcase is also needed in which to take the donated items to India.
Very important: Please make sure that you permanently delete all PERSONAL files and information from the camera digital memory card, USB (stick) drive and laptop HD. If you have Windows Word make sure to ALSO empty the waste bin afterwards! Please leave software programs intact.

For information on how to donate the computers, how to label your donation, and how to donate funds via Western Union, please see this link:

CONTRIBUTIONS TO Shri Sadhvi Asha Manav
Swami Manavatavadi also is extending a very warm invitation "to come to us as volunteers to work with us. It is a great pleasure for the children and enhances their morale whenever there is a guest visiting them."