HAT FORUM, Sat Nov 10, 11am OISE: Electoral Change

DATE: SAT NOV 10, 11am - 1pm
LOCATION: OISE, 252 Bloor Street W
TOPIC: Why Electoral Change

The winner often needs only 40% of the votes cast. Since even on a good day only 50% of eligible voters actually vote, most eligible voters did not vote for the winner.

Also, if a party wins votes in only one group of ridings, it get seats, while another party may get the same number of seats scattered over the country but get no seats.

Several alternatives exist:
First, seats selected by proportion of total number of cross country votes.
Second, uniting two ridings into one with each of the two top vote getters winning a seat.
Third, uniting two ridings into one in such a way that one female and one male candidate gets a seat.