HAT FORUM, SAT. Feb. 2, 11am-1pm "Anxiety"

Date:  Saturday February 2, 2013
TIME:  11am - 1pm
LOCATION:  OISE, 252 Bloor Street West, Room 2-198
FACILITATOR:  Cecilia Rayo

Anxiety disorder is said to be the common cold of mental disorders, worldwide, affecting as many of 25% of North Americans at some time in their lives.

1.  How can you tell whether you are facing a rational threat or whether it’s just (irrational) anxiety?
2.  Is modern society more prone to anxiety or less?
3.  What interrelationship might religion have with anxiety?
4.  How might authoritarianism figure in?  What about loneliness?
5.  Why do twice as many women have it? And whites as opposed to blacks and Hispanics.
6.  What other factors do you think might figure in?

This is an open discussion, and all are welcome. 
There is no charge