HAT FORUM: Sat Feb 16, 11am - 1pm "Alienation"

HAT WEEKLY FORUM DATE:  Sat. Feb 16, 2013, 11am - 1pm.
LOCATION:  OISE:  252 Bloor Street W, Room 2-198
TOPIC:  Alienation

Alienation is an estrangement or distancing of people either from themselves, from other people, from an experiential sense of reality and/or perhaps most importantly - from a feeling of “meaning”.  (And there seems to be a great deal of overlap between these as well.)
 Psychological - “While social isolation is typically experienced as a form of personal stress its sources are deeply embedded in the social organization of the modern world.  Much of our daily interactions are with those who are strangers to us and with whom we lack any ongoing social relationships.” 

What makes us feel alien and how does that feel?  
In what kinds of everyday circumstances might we be likely to experience a feeling of alienation?  
Can we somehow avoid those circumstances/feelings?
Do we alienate ourselves from others in some ways? How? 
Do we alienate ourselves from our own selves?
How can we be more authentically ourselves?
Is there a social cost to psychological authenticity? 

Modern choice exhaustion now permeates every area of our lives resulting in personal responsibility for consequences we can’t even reasonably fathom.  What effect might this type of alienation have on our experience of reality?  On our sense of appreciation? On our sense of responsibility? Does a culture of apathy figure in here somewhere?  

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