HAT Book Group, Sat Dec 7, 2:30pm "No Nonsense Guide to World Food:

Hat Saturday Book group on December 7th.
OISE:  252 Bloor Street West, 2:30-4pm
Leader:  Jodi Perrin
Book discussed:The no-nonsense guide to world food
by Roberts, Wayne, 1944-Year2008, Revision updated: August 5, 2013

Food security is a topic that is increasingly in the public's consciousness. Covering fast food, health food, institutional food, and more, this No-Nonsense Guide shows why and how "real food" has become scarce, dominated as it is in the West by agri-business and supermarkets. Wayne Roberts discusses nutrition, health, economics, and gives examples of effective food systems being developed by individuals, communities, and governments.
An essential guide to this important issue, this book will appeal to students, food professionals and activists, public health staff and concerned citizens - anyone who wants to understand the international food system and how it can be improved.