HAT Forum: Do conservative values conflict with humanist values?

Date: Saturday, June 7, 2014, 11:00-1:00
Topic: Is humanism compatible with traditional conservative values?
Proposed by: Richard Dowsett
Location: 519 Church St. Community Centre, 3rd floor (NOTE NEW LOCATION)

How does someone who is politically and perhaps socially conservative reconcile these values with their humanist principles to see themselves as representing both philosophies?
Conservative generally describes the values of someone that believes there are important facets of the present or past that need to be "conserved" against change. Many of the HAT principles are specifically about change (Freedom of inquiry, valuing gaining knowledge, creativity, acknowledging fallibility). Can you commit to conservative and change simultaneously?
The conservative worldview sees humans as powerful but also tragically flawed with natural tendencies toward greed, laziness and self-interest. Is the humanist worldview essentially optimistic about human nature or is this more a function of the individual practitioner?

Are we ready to work together for our humanism with others of both conservative values and liberal values without judgment or exclusion?