HAT Forum: Policing in the 21st Century

HAT Forum
Saturday 24 January 2014
519 Church St. , Meeting Room 304
Topic: Policing in the 21st Century
Proposed by: Dick Combeer

Why do big city police forces engender the most public scrutiny? What would policing, carefully and completely based on Humanist principles, look like? Is it a fair characterization that big city police forces are based on locker-room machismo? Are such cultures irredeemable? Have strides been made in the past 20 years to eradicate gender and race bias? Are further strides necessary? Can they be gradual?

How brutal is brutal? If you were a police chief faced with a massive crowd of violent protestors at a highly visible and sensitive event, what would you do? Are the police, with heavy weaponry and dehumanizing masks and vests, their own worst enemy? Is police use of force the problem or a by-product? How different is the situation in Canada and in Toronto from the United States? What are some of the underlying sociological causes of societal breakdown that result in police violence? What possible remedies? Is there any hope? Can anything positive be said for carding?