HAT Forum: Tolerance

HAT Forum
Saturday 14 March 2015, 11:00-12:30 (note shortened time)
519 Church St., Meeting Room 304
Topic: Tolerance
Proposed by: Richard Dowsett
  1. What does tolerance look like to you?
  2. Is Canada too tolerant for its own good?
  3. Should we tolerate intolerant people? 
  4. Is it possible that in Canada, in order to honour somebody else's tradition, one has to (even partly) dishonour one's own?
  5. At what point does tolerance become dysfuntional? How far can we tolerate tolerance?
  6. Why bother talking about tolerance?
These questions were discussed by a panel of three Canadians on the CBC Radio program Ideas. You can listen to the original program online.

This meeting will be shortened so that participants can get to OISE by 1:30, with a short lunch break, in time for Catherine Dunphy's talk about the Clergy Project.