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Disaporas; What is the World to Do?

HAT Forum: Disaporas; What is the World to Do?
submitted by Gary Higgins
Definition: from the Greek meaning ' the spreading or scattering across '

There have been so many migrations and diasporas through out history; and their causes were manifold. 
the exodus of the Jews under Moses, 
the Irish potato famine, 
the deportation of English convicts to Australia,
natural disasters, like the floodings in New Orleans
the Chinese and the Indian subcontinent are noted for the largest of diasporas

But of late in world news, we are bombarded daily with horror stories of boat people escaping civil wars & racial & religious conflicts.
From North Africa, they are smuggling from Libya to Italy ; from Syria & Iraq through Turkey.

The EU is trying to help by accepting percentages of the migrants held in camps just inside Europe,

Greece is dead broke, and cannot afford to feed and care for an island full of refugees being detained
GB says no way they will accept any; and promises to fly them back to their country of origin, (First Class?)
Thousands have been camped out in Calais, France, trying to smuggle themselves to England.

Human smugglers are capitalizing on their plight, women & children, whole families on overcrowded boats are turning up drowned.

Donald Trump & Ted Cruz are very hostile to Mexicans and people from Central American countries crossing into the US, aware of how this message plays to the Republicans during a federal election.
 Calling them the worst of the worst; with greater percentages of rapists; ( "quick; hide the women and children ")

Into the US, economic migrants come in search of the American Dream.
"Anchor babies " is the newest term for giving birth to an illegal, that they will automatically become American Citizens, and will later sponsor the parents  and family


1. What is the world to do?
They are building a wall to separate Mexico from the US

2. What are the advantages to diasporas?
Economics, ideas, knowledge
The economist magazine sees only benefits
" the magic of diasporas "; plus numerous other articles

3. What are the negatives?
Xenophobia, racism, cheap work force displacing others

4. Is this just a cheap way around regular routes of citizenship, green cards?
Are rich countries in danger of being made poorer, because of these waves of illegal migrants?

5. Can NIMBY be tolerated?
Remember the Holocaust, and the Jews refused entry to America, "ship of fools"?