Proposer: Richard Dowsett "/>

HAT Forum Saturday, Jan 16th 2016
11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.
519 Church St. Room 303
"Charitable Giving from a Humanist Perspective"
Proposer: Richard Dowsett

While HAT is in the midst of its largest charitable project and fund-raising effort in many years, this may be a good opportunity to reflect on our society’s and our own giving habits and what they should be according to our Humanist Principles.

1. 1. HAT’s 7th principle is as follows:

“Human Ethics: *Ethical decisions* should be made in the context of real people, real situations, *real human needs* and aspirations and the consideration of *real consequences*. Humanism combines personal liberty with *social responsibility*. It affirms the dignity of every person, the right of the individual to the greatest possible freedom compatible with the rights of others, and the need for *community*. Without this context we risk the worst excesses of ideology.”

The *bolded phrases* would seem to impinge most upon the giving habits of HAT members. How does your consideration of these phrases affect your giving habits?

2. 2. According to Stats Can determine our charitable giving by which organizations ask for our time or money. i.e. it’s a decision made more by reflex that by plan.What are the benefits and drawbacks or giving in this way?

3. 3. What criteria, if any, do you use to determine what causes benefit from your time and money?

4. 4. What have been the effects of Social Media and technology (e.g. internet, e-mail) on charitable  concerns and giving of money, time and attention?

5. 5. Charities distributing collected funds (and governments distributing tax dollars) usually put certain qualification requirements on the recipients. In what ways can this be an unwarranted intrusion or unreasonable manipulation of those in need? Stats Can Report

Best Regards,

Richard Dowsett