Proposer: Michael C."/>

HAT Forum
Sat Feb 20th 2016
11 a.m. To 1 pm
519 Church Street Room 304
Topic “Dissent & Intolerance"
Proposer: Michael C.

Why are some of us intolerant of others, just for their curiosity or because they do not conform to what is expected of them.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws) recently attended a Ted Cruz rally and as a result, was branded as a Republican supporter. It appears that he is not. The assumption and expectation is that those in the arts community lean left.  

Someone who disagrees with a platform of a group is often attacked or accused of being a traitor. If you belong to this group, you have a unified voice. Dissent will not be tolerated.

If you are black in America, can you be a Republican?

Can a Humanist see any value in religion?