Proposer: Richard Dowsett"/>

HAT Forum
Sat Feb 27th 2016
11 a.m. To 1 pm
519 Church Street Room 304
Topic “Wisdom"
Proposer: Richard Dowsett

From Alain de Botton’s “School of Life”, a video about Wisdom:

In this video, de Botton breaks Wisdom down into a series of attributes. What do we think about the following as attributes of Wisdom and are there any of our own we would add?
What part does age and experience play in gaining or honing these attributes?
·         Realism – it is wise to expect problems to come your way and then expect to have to deal with them
·         Gratitude – it is wise to be especially sensitive to the small beauties and sweetness that come your way.
·         Folly – Budget for madness in others and yourself and be slow to panic when it reliably rears its head.
·         Humour – it is wise to laugh at ourselves and about the absurdity of life
·         Politeness – changing ourselves or others is difficult so criticism and conflict are unwise. The wise value harmony over honesty, commonalities over differences.
·         Self-Acceptance – Know thyself. Don’t be ashamed.
·         Forgiveness – Everyone makes mistakes and behaves poorly. Don’t take it personally, assume the best and be slow to anger. Forgive.
·         Resilience – understanding the bare minimum of what you need to be happy (needs vs wants) and being prepared to live with this bare minimum as required.
·         Envy – understanding what other people have is for good reasons and no reasons at all.  The world does not have to be fair or just.
·         Regret – In life, errors are endemic, perfection is an illusion. Regret only a little.
·         Calm – turmoil is common so appreciate peace, calm and a lack of anxiety.