HAT Forum Sat Aug 27th 2016 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 519 Church Street Room tba or 304 Topic: Humanism and the HAT Proposer: Jon Aldridge

Topic: Humanism and the HAT

--How do you understand Humanism?

--In what ways do you regard yourself as a Humanist?

--What beliefs or actions might preclude someone from being a Humanist?

--Is there a specific definition of Humanism as understood by the Humanist Association of Toronto?

--What can long-term members share with others about the HAT past and present?

--Does the HAT have ties to other Humanist organizations?

--What do you think of organizations which are not explicitly Humanist, such as corporations or religious groups? On what terms would you cooperate with them?

--What facets of public life might benefit from a more Humanistic approach?