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HAT Forum: Motivation, Work Ethic and Productivity

  • The 519 Community Centre, Room 304 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

Presenter: Justin Otto


-What do you think of as "work ethic", and would you describe it as a personal value?

-Should productivity be a Humanist value?


Points to consider or research:

-The power of habit

-Past progress as a motivator instead of ranking people ("Look how far I've come" often works better than "Am I better than this other guy?")

-Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivators: money is only a temporary motivator, and lowers performance on cognitively-demanding tasks. Instead, a desire to build mastery, and finding meaningfulness in the task work better (when we find a way to set this up).

-Autonomy: Google deliberately gives employees some time to work on non-scheduled work of any kind, which ends up producing very creative projects. On the other hand, overly-authoritarian management styles can hurt loyalty and creativity.

-Fix your sleep hygiene! Low sleep quality impairs performance, whether you feel it or not.

-Cut out the noise and time-wasters from your life. TV alone wastes several hours per day for the average American. It's vastly easier to get things done when you haven't signed yourself up to a second job's worth of distractions.