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HAT Forum: Loneliness

519 Church Street Room TBA or 304
Topic: Loneliness
Proposer: Jon Aldridge

  • Is loneliness always a negative?
    • Contrast being lonely with being alone.
  • What kinds of loneliness are there?
  • How have you experienced loneliness?
    • What does it feel like to be lonely?
    • What have you done to avoid loneliness?
  • How does age (1) or physical impairment affect loneliness?
  • The National Health Service in the UK has begun treating loneliness as a public health issue. To what extent do you agree or disagree with that position?
    • Actual and perceived social isolation can increase the risk of mortality by ~30% (2)(3).
  • What are some possible opposite states of mind to loneliness?
    • Some may be positive, some negative.
  • Is there an unspoken stigma of loneliness?
    • People tend to be reluctant to say they are lonely (1)(3).
  • What kind of support services should/could be/are available for lonely people?
  • Are humanists more prone to feeling lonely than individuals with supernatural or religious beliefs (4)?


(1) age-related UK helpline, with emphasis on loneliness

(2) abstract of research paper on social isolation

(3) Globe and Mail article

(4) brief Sydney Morning Herald (AUS) article

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