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HAT Forum - "Is It Better to be Polite or Frank?"

  • The 519, Rm 303 519 Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

This topic was inspired by The School of Life video Is it Better to be Polite or Frank? (YouTube) In the video, the author identifies the values and outlooks that people hold that lead them to behave in Polite (circumspect) or Frank (direct) ways, then makes a case that the world is currently more Frank but could benefit with being more Polite.

1.     Do you see yourself as tending toward the Polite or the Frank?  What values or outlooks of yours are at the source of this tendency?

2.     What factors will lead you to favour Politeness? to be more Frank?

3.     What are the downfalls of excessive politeness? of excessive frankness?

4.     Should another’s Polite or Frank behaviour be a clear sign to us that this is the way that the person wishes to be treated? How do we respond?

5.     The Author says that Polite behaviour is a logical and correct response to the complexity of the world around them and suggests that Frankness is a result of Binary Thinking (call back to last week). Comment.