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HAT Forum: Canadian Values; proposer Jon Aldridge

  • The 519 Community Centre 519, Church Street Toronto, ON, M4Y 2C9 Canada (map)

Conservative MP and leadership candidate Kellie Leitch recently suggested screening immigrants for "anti-Canadian values", although without specifying what that would mean precisely. On her blog, she talks about "Canadian Values", which include "Equal opportunity, Hard work, Helping others, Generosity, Freedom and tolerance". []

--Do "Canadian" and "anti-Canadian" values exist?

-If so what are they?

-Who decides and how?

--Is it practical to screen for "values"?

-Do we need further screening beyond that which already takes place?

-Similarly, is the law itself not sufficient?

-Immigration Canada already provides information about what to expect in terms of freedoms and responsibilities to newcomers, but does it need to be emphasized more?

--Which Canadians might hold these values?

-What about Native Canadians?

-What about dissent?

-What about Canadian-born bigots?

--Are these not-just-Canadian values?

-Do we hold a monopoly on generosity or hard work?